TransferMate Global Receivables

We at TransferMate realise the problems businesses can encounter with billing and collecting overseas payments. This can typically be a long laborious task that may give rise to many issues. With that in mind, we have just launched a new Global Receivables product to the market – your time is now freed up while we look after your Global Receivables!

This new Global Receivables solution allows clients to bill and collect overseas payments from thousands of customers in seconds, making is easier to receive cross border payments, all within the TransferMate Global Receivables platform. This innovative and time-saving solution is best suited to businesses with significant volumes of receivables in foreign and domestic currencies. This is because TransferMate Global Receivables automates the process and frees up expensive resources, allowing accounting departments to focus on more important tasks.

How our Global Receivables solution can work for you?

  • Improve collections experience
  • Transparent, secure, same day transfers
  • Highly competitive FX rates – no international sender or receiver fees
  • Billing in domestic or client currency
  • Fully reconcilable – invoice number tracked, amount paid = amount received
  • Improve your cash flow

Thanks to TransferMates’ extensive global regulatory footprint, with full state-by-state license approval in the US and its proprietary payment technology solution, entering new markets is simplified, secure and transparent. Our clearing system bypasses costly intermediary banks, negating the need to use multiple banks around the world. Global regulation has allowed us to build our own banking network, providing our clients with a complete end to end solution.


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