The Why

A question we are asked repeatedly by kids is “why”? It can be exhausting, but they have the right idea – “Why” is the ultimate clarifying question. It demands explanation, context and support. It’s a simple question that, when asked by a 5-year-old, moves from cute to challenging to exasperating.

In business this question is not asked as frequently as perhaps it should. When we don’t ask “why”, we give up the opportunity to learn critical information. We at TransferMate, would like to clarify “why” us?

The answer is simple; we simplify international payments.

At TransferMate, we are fully aware that we have a unique set of capabilities – our global regulation and proprietary technology platform is unmatched making us a market leader in the global payments industry. Many other FinTech payment companies focus on ‘beating the banks’ and driving market strategies for customer adoption centred on peer to peer solutions. Our focus, however, is on regulatory reach and a technology platform for B2B solutions. This focus provides a robust operational business model for banks and technology platforms, to present a global unified Eco system, which ultimately provides a truly frictionless B2B payment solution for both paying and receiving currencies.

From the beginning, innovation was priority at TransferMate. We took an innovative route to market – Securing global regulation and building our own banking network, rather than relying on the antiquated SWIFT and intermediary banking system. We have embraced technology to provide a world-class service with continued growth and relevance in the marketplace. Our Global regulation and technology platform provides the basis of our solutions, providing a 360 solution to allow clients to make and receive payments globally through one provider. We partner with some of the worlds leading banks, software integrations, payroll and e-invoicing solutions.

These reasons are why TransferMate has fully seeded €51m investment from ING Group N.V. Bank, one of Europe’s leading banks and AIB, an Irish Pillar Bank. Not only did these reputable banks invest in our unique FinTech, they too entered a strategic partnership to power their customer’s cross border payments – a first in the European market.

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