The Dollarydoo – Australia’s Next Currency

Image of The Dollarydoo. Currently there is a petition to change the Australian Dollar to Dollarydoos

With the Australian Dollar falling to a seven-year-low last week, what long term policies should the Australian Government put in place to deal with its weakening currency? Well, one man, Thomas Probst, has the answer. Change the name of the currency!

Probst believed that the Australian economy needed something to stimulate it, and while watching an old episode of the Simpsons, he found the answer. Released in 1995, the Australian themed episode featured a young Australian child making a long distance phone call to Springfield. When his father sees the huge phone bill he screams “Nine Hundred Dollarydoos!” and this comical scene is where Probst drew his inspiration from.

After seeing the episode Probst immediately set up a Petition that called on the government to rename the Australian currency to Dollarydoos. But how could this have any effect on the value of the currency? Well, according to Probst “Due to global commodity prices plummeting, the Australian economy is struggling,” and if the name change is introduced it “will make millions of people around the world want to get their hands on some Australian currency due to the real life Simpsons reference, driving up the value of the Australian currency.” Australians are no strangers to demanding exotic names for their currency. In 1965, Australia was in the process of switching from the Australian Pound to a new decimal based currency. The name of the new currency proved to be a major stumbling point. Names were suggested by the public which included The Roo, The Digger, The Boomer, The Kanga and The Kwid. Eventually the Australian public decided on a more conservative name, The Australian Dollar.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, the Australian government would never consider changing the Dollar to the Dollarydoo, right? Well, with the online petition closing in fast on its target of 75,000 signatures, then under Australian Law, the government will have to consider it and deal with the matter in parliament.

Can you imagine paying for something in Dollarydoos? Make sure to leave a comment and give us your view on the Dollarydoo.

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  1. Silva tom

    Looks good & would love to see how this gonna fight the general currency & the currency exchange between countries.

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