How transparent and efficient payment processing saved a global insurance company time and money

There are many apps out there aiming to improve business efficiencies, but few of them can back it up with actual cost savings from the time saved. That can be one of the hardest things to validate when companies are evaluating possible solutions in the market. Then, even if that cost savings is evident, are there other companies that have had success with the product and continue to use it? When it comes to managing and paying international invoices on one platform, PaymentsHub is validated and proven. PaymentsHub – from…

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Meet the TransferMate Team at QuickBooks Connect London 2017

Quickbooks Connect 2017

With less than a week to go, the TransferMate Team are preparing to join a huge gathering of accounting professionals, business owners and FinTech leaders at this year’s conference. This year QuickBooks Connect will take place over a two-day period, at London’s Tobacco Dock, commencing on Monday, March 6th at 09:00.  This event is focused on delivering the most innovative insight where attendees will learn from influential advisors, network with peers, and immerse themselves in interactive workshops – all designed to put their businesses on the fast track to growth.…

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8 Ways to Improve Your Foreign Currency Conversions

Author: Arron Finn Currency Volatility Destroys Companies Profits November 5, 2015 Arron Finn Images showing the forex market experiencing currency volatility Due to globalisation, companies whether doing business internationally or nationally are effected by currency volatility which can impact profitability. For instance, how about losing 298 million pounds in nine months due to emerging market currency volatility. Or Swiss companies facing increasing pressure once the Swiss Central Bank allowed the Swiss Franc to float on the open market. READ MORE Blog, currency volatility, Emerging currencies, Foreign CurrencyLeave a commentEdit "Currency Volatility Destroys Companies Profits" Irish Charitable Trust Receives Support From TransferMate October 13, 2015 Arron Finn Team of 35 cyclists who are part of Irish Charitable Trust TransferMates Managing Director, Barry Dowling took part in a 230 kilometer cycle which began in Greystones and finished in Cardiff. Irish Charitable Trust has raised one hundred thousand euro for the IRFU Charitable Trust, Focus Ireland and Team Jonathan Ranson. Each charity does incredible work within its own respective field. The IRFU Charitable Trust aims to support rugby players who get a life changing injury. READ MORE Blog, UncategorizedLeave a commentEdit "Irish Charitable Trust Receives Support From TransferMate" 8 Ways to Improve Your Foreign Currency Conversions

If part of your job involves converting foreign currency to US dollars or vice versa, 2014 could have been a challenging year for you.

If you are based in the U.S. and selling to clients overseas, your products – depending where you sell them – this year became on average 10% more expensive (US Dollar Index+9.8%). If you were importing it was a banner year – you just saved on average 10% on your products. By historical standards this was one of the best appreciations of the dollar over the last 15 years.

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Your Guide to Foreign Exchange

Your guide to foreign exchange

Whether you are importing and exporting goods for your business, importing a car from another country, or simply want to transfer money abroad, it is important to understand how the foreign exchange market works. So to help you, we have put together this Guide to Foreign Exchange. A Simple Guide to Foreign Exchange There is no magic fairy dust that can get you the best rate possible, but there are certainly some actions you can take that will help you improve what you are doing. Because often, just making just a few…

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Where Can I Get the Best Exchange Rates

Where to get best exchange rates

One of the biggest issues facing companies importing and exporting goods is where to get the best exchange rates. Contacting your local bank is usually the first thought that comes to most people. However, many CEO’s and business owners don’t realise that your bank is not the best choice when it comes to transferring your money. Let’s face it, your bank is not in the market of currency exchange, furthermore, it is in the market of making money out of businesses like yours that need to send money back and forth overseas…

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