Speculations surrounding Mark Carney future brought to an end

Speculations surrounding Mark Carney future brought to an end.

Mark Carney, Governor of Bank of England (BoE) and Chairman of the G20’s Financial Stability Board advised he will stay on at BoE, on the same day the Pound was appointed October’s worst performing currency. Carney has been managing Britain’s economy for the past three years and will remain at the BoE until end of June 2019 to see out turbulent Brexit negotiations. He will undertake the task of protecting the UK economy over the negotiations of Brexit that begin in March 2017. Carney will forfeit 3 additional years of…

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Australian Banking Into Social Media Space

The Aussie banking institutions are aiming at the social media space to increase popularity and proximity to their customers. One thing that is still slowing them down from gaining larger online presence is the concern that such financial data may be used for fraud. “There’s definitely some fear about integrating data on social media platforms. Banks are concerned how that data might be used: will they then own that data, will it be manipulated, will there be identity fraud,” commented Charis Palmer, the editor of the Online Banking Review. An…

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