Benefits for SAP ECC or R/3 users making international foreign currency payments with TransferMate

foreign currency payments

Do your clients use SAP ECC or R/3 and make international foreign currency payments?

Do you want to earn referral or implementation fees whilst adding significant value to your clients? If so, TransferMate Global Payments wants to hear from you.

Like many SAP ECC and R/3 users, your clients may make payments in several currencies to pay vendors/suppliers. If so, TransferMate’s SAP ECC & R/3 integration is a must and will guarantee to save your clients time and money on all of your foreign currency payments.

Today, SAP ECC & R/3 users typically have to engage in unnecessary double entry, processing invoice payments one by one using their bank and then manually re-entering payments back to their SAP accounting software to calculate FX gain/loss.

Using our purpose built file exchange integration for SAP ECC & R/3 users, your clients can now pay hundreds of invoices instantly, enjoying significant time, effort and administrative savings.

In addition, they can secure better exchange rates than your bank with no wire transfer** or receiver fees***.

We are fully regulated to make same-day payments in 117 currencies from Europe, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.****

Benefits to your clients:
☑ Average 30%+ saving on exchange rates compared to banks
☑ Same day international transfers*
☑ No international wire fees**
☑ No receiver fees***
☑ 60 seconds to authorise mass payments and post back to SAP ECC & R/3
☑ No more manual reconciliation of individual invoices back to accounting software

*Where funds are received by TransferMate by 12:00 GMT
**For transfers above $5,000
***Throughout EU, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
****Same day to EU, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where funds are received by 12:00 GMT


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