How to make your Xero accounting better

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Cloud accounting opens up a world of opportunity because for example Xero can currently integrate with over 200 additional services as an application. Each application is a specialist designed to do a specific job whether it is debtor engagement, inventory management or tracking employee hours to better cost a service. When you integrate these apps with your Xero accounting package they minimise the amount of time tasks used to take and simplify the job of an accountant.

About Xero app marketplace

Once you visit the Xero app marketplace you can search by industry type or category including a search feature. Additionally on the home page, there is a new category and featured apps. Usually when a country is mentioned, it is the only country that the service is offered in.

App which are listed on the app center provide information about the service, pricing and trial information. While there is over two hundred apps on Xeros marketplace, if you do not find one that fits your needs you could search for developers which develop apps. As always research the product ratings, reviews or testimonials by Xero accounting advisers.

how to make your accounting better with the Xero app marketplace


Below you will find f

ive suggested applications to improve your accounting processes when using Xero

Receipt Bank

Receipt bank extracts the information from your receipts quickly, accurately and efficiently. Currently on the Xero app marketplace Receipt bank has an average rating of 5 with over 170 reviews. Remove manual data entry because Receipt bank can extract all the key information and automatically sync with Xero. This allows you to understand how your business is doing from anywhere and remove the manual need to entry this information into your accounting package.

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Expensify manages company expenses in a user friendly way. Employees can log expense reports and management can approve the reports in there own time, once the report is approved then the expenses will be logged in your Xero accounting package. currently Expensify has a 4.5 rating on Xero app marketplace with 66 reviews and states that 2 million people use the service.

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Insightly is a CRm system which helps you develop leads who will eventually become customers and grow your business. Insightly will sync the invoices and bills into your Xero accounts. Under the permission you can assign your team to manage bills and invoices associated with their clients if necessary. Also you can create invoice drafts within Insightly. Currently it has a 4.5 star rating with 53 reviews.

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MinuteDock is a service which allows you to track your employees time and create invoices. Additionally you can begin to understand how your employees use there time and thus create more understanding targets. MinuteDock starts at $19 a month and currently has over 100 revies on Xero app marketplace with an average rating of 5.

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If there is another add-on which you have used or fells deserves being listed. Then please comment below because we will be making more posts about Quickbooks online and desktop accounting packages throughout 2016. If you found this article useful, please help us out over Twitter:

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