Euro Falls as Greek Debt Solution Proposal Rejected

EUR/GBP     £0.8385

In general, the Euro is falling as concerns over the debt crisis are still present and also as the euro zone finance ministers rejected a restructuring plan on the Greek debt by creditors.

However, it is outperforming the Pound, and currently upgrading against the sterling as it’s trading at £0.8385.

GBP/EUR     €1.1921

The Pound was the worst performing currency in the last 24-hour period, as even the Euro outperformed the sterling.  It is still downgrading against the Euro and currently trading at €1.1921.

EUR/USD     $1.3043

After three-weeks high, the Euro downgraded against the US dollar after the euro zone finance ministers rejected an offer by private creditors to restructure Greek debt.

At the moment, it’s slightly gaining strength against the dollar as it’s currently trading at $1.3043.

USD/EUR     €0.7671

The US Dollar upgraded overnight against its major counterparts. Traders expect the annual inflation rate to drop in the fourth quarter, which may suggest decreased interest rates.

It is slightly downgrading against the Euro at the moment, trading at €0.7671.

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