Euro continues to suffer due to insecurities in Greece

EUR/GBP     £0.8017
Insecurities in Greece along with fears of increasing debt levels in Spain brought the Euro down last week

The continuing insecurity surrounding Greece’s participation in the Euro, along with news from Spain regarding potential increase of the debt levels in the country, put the single currency under great pressure.

However, at the moment the Euro is gaining back against the Pound.

GBP/USD     $1.5680
Sterling is downgrading against the greenback due to insecurities throughout the globe

The Pound continued to fall against the US Dollar last week. The insecurities worldwide made investors pull out of the GBP and buy into the greenback.

Currently the sterling is slightly growing against the greenback.

EUR/USD     $1.2572
Euro continues to fall against US Dollar due to insecurities surrounding Greece

Due to the continuing insecurity surrounding Greece’s participation in the Euro, more investors are pulling out of the single currency and buying into safer US Dollar.

On the other hand, the greenback gained against most currencies last week as it was considered less riskier.

At the moment however, the Euro is slightly gaining back against the US Dollar.

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