Hungry For Savings? Find Out How To Improve Your Overseas Purchases

Hungry for savings?

Are you purchasing FMCGs overseas? Buying raw ingredients from exotic locations? Due to the perishable nature of food goods for human consumption and the ingredients involved in food production, producers and suppliers cannot afford to waste time once goods are ready to ship! Any delays in the supply chain could affect the end seller not getting their goods and can cost a lot in terms of money and time, besides supplier relationships. Having a streamlined, efficient payments process for overseas shipments of FMCGs is one way to help improve the above…

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Sending Payments to China? Problems?

Paying china suppliers

Does your company ever experience difficulties paying suppliers in China? So you have suppliers in China who need to be paid? There are a number of methods to pay them. However, some are safer, simpler and more cost effective than others. According to the World Bank, China is one of the top receiving countries of international remittances. Here are some tips to help you find the most cost effective, fast and secure option for paying suppliers in China: Check the Chinese currency rules It is very important to know that…

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Importing and Exporting: The Currency Problem and How To Fix It!

Importing and Exporting

The Currency Problem You might win or you might lose. Either way, you’ve got to ship! The currency problem creates a risk factor for any company importing and/or exporting. While your product is being shipped, you may be losing profits due to relative changes in currencies against the US dollar or whichever base currency is used in the country you’re in. Overseas buyers usually pay for imports in their own currency so they know exactly what they are paying, before the intermediary bank converts the funds into the local currency…

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World map where Transfermate is #1

TransferMate is a global international payments provider to thousands of businesses in United Kingdom. We have achieved this success through incorporating technology into everything we do while maintaining a customer focused service provision. The following are ten reasons that we believe make us the best in United Kingdom for International payments: Faster payments We have a global network of bank accounts which allow us to transfer money across the globe. This allows us to process payments within a single day which is three to five times faster than the competition.…

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Guide for Importing Cars From the UK

Uk Car Imports Guide

Vehicle Registration Tax is a tax charged when one registers a new or imported used vehicle in Ireland. It is charged based on the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) of the vehicle as determined by the revenue commissioners. Vehicles exported from Ireland receive a VRT refund. Although you will have to pay vehicle registration tax (VRT) on a UK car import, there are still real saving is made when importing a second hand model as UK cars are cheaper, higher spec and the euro sterling exchange rate is really good…

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