May’s Reign Hoped To Spell Greater Certainty For The UK

Mays Reign Hoped To Spell Greater Certainty For The UK

Theresa May has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, only the second woman PM in the history of the UK.

As she begins post Brexit there will be no time for May to relax as there are pressing issues to be dealt with as soon as possible.

She will need to appoint a team to lead the process of exiting the EU.

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How Chinese New Year can Impact your Business

Chinese new year business impact

The Chinese New Year is less than a month away and the festivities are certain to have an impact on business. In the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2016 marks the year of the Monkey. The monkey is said to bring Good Luck, Protection and Swiftness. However, if the products of your business are made, shipped from or sold in China then one thing that will definitely not enjoy this ‘swiftness’ is your Supply Chain. The Chinese New Year is one of the few mandatory holidays that all citizens of the country observe.

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How to make your Quickbooks accounting better

A word cloud for Quickbooks accounting platform

Quickbooks is a fantastic accounting platform but it cannot satisfy all the needs of a business. Recently we realised that users of accounting software can have information hidden in silo’s and will only integrate it when reports need to be made for decision makers within a company. This causes a lot of time wasting and headaches for the accounts department.

Third party apps or add on’s can alleviate the pain of information hidden in silos through integrating additional functions into your Quickbooks accounting package.

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North American Banks Overcharging Business Clients On foreign Exchange Payments

Irish Exporters Are Affected By Stronger Euro

In total the foreign exchange market is worth five trillion dollars every day. To put this into context the forex market is 52 time larger than the New York Stock Exchange daily activity. Of the five trillion dollars traded each day, two trillion is traded in spot trades.

A spot trade or spot transaction is the most common transaction made each day. A spot transaction occurs when a business would like to make a payment today and needs a quoted price now.

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