Waiting and wishing on international receivables? Improve your days sales outstanding

Editor’s Note: This is our second post in our series on international receivables. Read our first post on the common pitfalls and check back later this week for more. There’s nothing worse than waiting on a payment from a customer, not knowing where it is or if you’ll ever actually even see the funds you are due. In our first blog in our series on receivables, we looked at the basics of receiving money from international customers and where things can go wrong. In this post, we’ll dive into ways…

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The common and forgotten pitfalls of receiving international payments

Editor’s Note: This is the first part of our blog series on international receivables. Check back next week for more insights. A growing business has just made its first sale to a new customer in Singapore. It’s a big deal because the company has been working on attracting clients in Asia for quite a while. They sent the customer an invoice and they’re waiting for the funds to hit their bank account. They’ve been waiting a while. The big day finally comes, but something is not right. The amount deposited…

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How PaymentsHub can accelerate your international invoicing

How Payments Hub Works?

ONE local payment fulfilling up to 10,000 invoices. 134 currencies payable into as many as 162 countries. ZERO handling fees, international sender or receiver fees. VAT recovery potential displayed & reclaimed. PaymentsHub is the complete invoice solution. This is where you find out the “how?” In this blog, we’ll take a look at how PaymentsHub works, its capabilities, functionalities and key organisational benefits. PaymentsHub is an invoice payment process and VAT recovery solution powered by TransferMate Global Payments and Taxback International. Our innovative, custom-built and technology-driven platform allows companies to…

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TransferMate announces strategic relationship with Wells Fargo

Offering seamless payments ability to US commercial banking customers As digital interactions between individuals and companies increase and evolve globally, so does the pressure to reduce friction around the traditional borders that separate us. The international exchange of information, money, and virtually any other unit of value is creating a demand to advance technology to better adapt and enable global financial services solutions in this ever-shrinking world. TransferMate, one of the world’s leading cross-border B2B payments providers, has built a strategic relationship with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (“Wells Fargo”) to…

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Hungry For Savings? Find Out How To Improve Your Overseas Purchases

Hungry for savings?

Are you purchasing FMCGs overseas? Buying raw ingredients from exotic locations? Due to the perishable nature of food goods for human consumption and the ingredients involved in food production, producers and suppliers cannot afford to waste time once goods are ready to ship! Any delays in the supply chain could affect the end seller not getting their goods and can cost a lot in terms of money and time, besides supplier relationships. Having a streamlined, efficient payments process for overseas shipments of FMCGs is one way to help improve the above…

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