Euro becomes unusual safe haven for investors

Euro becomes unusual safe have for investors

The European currency has become unusual safe haven in during in the rise of volatility that has conquered the world currency markets in the recent months.  Assets ranging from Japanese stocks to emerging-market bonds to U.S. Treasuries have slumped this spring, as investors brace for the possible pullback from easy-money policies by the world’s major central banks. At the same time the euro has largely avoided the high volatility of the dollar and the yen and has appreciated to reach $1.3345 at Friday. This move constitutes a dramatic reversal for…

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New Problems for the EURO ?

The problems for the EURO does not seem to end. After the trouble with Cyprus now other small countries with huge banking sectors are in the spotlight – Luxemburg and Malta. The quality of the loans that their banks have granted will be a real litmus test for the stability of their economies. The problems for Cyprus have been caused by the fact that several of the country’s biggest banks have invested heavily into the drowning Greek economy. Bank of Cyprus’s non performing loans shot up to 17 percent of…

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EUR/USD News Sept 6-Sept 10, 2010

EUR/USD Last week the euro demonstrated a relative stability although last Monday was not a good day for the single currency. Its opening price was 1.2751 USD, but by the end of the day it dropped down to 1.2663. However, from Tuesday until Friday it recovered and closed the week at 1.2894. Unlike This week shows no positive signs for the euro as it started falling down since Monday. The opening price was 1.2887 and is currently trading at as low as 1.2760. Tuesday German Factory Orders m/m, 11:00 a.m.…

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