Busy Week for the EUR/USD

EUR/USD traders should expect a busy week, economists warn.

The pair continued falling at the beginning of the week, dropping below 1.3830. It then recovered and managed to reach the current 1.3977.

The quantitative easing program in the US caused the vulnerability of the EUR/USD, as it is said to exceed $500 billion. In addition, the USD is speculated to drop this week. The pair is, however, supposed to calm down by the end of this week.

The GBP/USD made a gradual and choppy climb up last week, and managed to end at 1.6037. The current price is the same so far.

The good GDP number and the close above 1.60 are positive signs. Despite that, and the fact that employment is on the rise, the situation in Britain is still not that good. More quantitative easing is expected, too. Economists remain neutral on the pair, at the moment.

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