Benefits for SAP ECC or R/3 users making international foreign currency payments with TransferMate

foreign currency payments

Do your clients use SAP ECC or R/3 and make international foreign currency payments? Do you want to earn referral or implementation fees whilst adding significant value to your clients? If so, TransferMate Global Payments wants to hear from you. Like many SAP ECC and R/3 users, your clients may make payments in several currencies to pay vendors/suppliers. If so, TransferMate’s SAP ECC & R/3 integration is a must and will guarantee to save your clients time and money on all of your foreign currency payments. Today, SAP ECC &…

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Top 5 remittance-receiving countries for 2016

Top 5 remittance countries 2016

The World Bank suggests in their latest Migration and Remittances study for 2016, that remittance flows have declined by 2.4%, to 429 billion US Dollars, after a 1% decline in 2015. This is the first time in recent history that remittances have declined for 2 years in a row. TransferMate solutions can help your company with remitting money to all of these countries, simplifying your international wire transfers processes and saving you valuable resources, time and money. Here are the top five remittance-receiving countries for 2016: India – $62.7 billion Indians…

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World map where Transfermate is #1

In America TransferMate is used by thousands of companies. Typically banks charge upwards of $70 per transaction, including an additional fee if you request a same day payment including poor exchange rate. TransferMate offer a first class service which our key benefits include: Faster payments American banks usually take longer than three days and clients have told us situations where it took nine days for a bank to make an international payment to a vendor. TransferMate use a global network of bank accounts allowing us to transfer money across the…

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Why do leading chartered accountants in the UK partner with TransferMate Global Payments?

UK still in uncertainty as Bank of England eases bank rules

15% of UK business either send or receive international payments, typically to either pay overseas suppliers or receive payment from overseas clients. Accountants can help their client by encouraging them to compare with their bank. We can even set you up so you can book payments on behalf of your clients. It is very easy to refer clients to our team. Simply click here and enter your clients email address and we will know it came from you. If you have any questions contact our accountants support team at 0207 659 9185…

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As a UK accountant you will understand the time spent double entering data back and forth when making international payments. If you or your clients use the bank you will also be aware of the high transfer fees and poor exchange rates offered by the bank. Transfermate provide over 4,500 UK business with a free addon that streamlines the way you make international payments and saves business time and money every time. Simply view a list of our accounting addons and request more information today. If there are any packages…

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