All Eyes on the US Dollar

EUR/GBP     £0.8378

Discussions about the Greek debt are still dominating on the European market. The single currency gained slightly against the British Pound the UK and seems to remain at this level. There are minimal economic announcements from Europe today as the market attention is currently concentrated at the US Dollar.

The Euro is trading at £0.8378 at the moment and still moving upwards.

GBP/EUR     €1.1944

Things are quiet for the Pound today as the attention is concentrated towards the US Dollar. The Pound however is still struggling against the Euro. It’s currently downgrading against the single currency and trading at €1.1944.

EUR/USD     $1.3114

The Euro today is gaining strength against the Dollar as the greenback is falling due to announcement from the Federal Reserve that the rates will remain quite low for a long period of time. The gains are, however, still considered temporary.

The Euro is currently trading at $1.3114.

USD/EUR     €0.7624

The focus today shifted towards the US Dollar. The greenback downgraded against most of its counterparts in an overnight trade as a result of dovish Federal Reserve policy announcement that the interest rates would stay at extremely low levels for at least two more years. Unemployment is at high priority at the moment as it’s still higher than it should.

The US Dollar continues to fall against the Euro and trading at €0.7624.

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