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The Future of FinTech

“TransferMate’s Mass Payment solution has revolutionised the way our company processes international transfers. The simplicity and sheer efficiency of their online platform is a joy to use”

TransferMate Global Payments have made great advances in the processing of Mass Payments. Our bandwidth for custom uploading cross border payments file is now at 10,000 payments, all processed within a matter of seconds, making it easier to deliver cross border payments simultaneously via our online system.

10,000 Payments at a time – No problem!

Using our Mass Payment upload facility, businesses can export a large payment file containing thousands of payments from their ERP system directly into the TransferMate platform.
Payment files can contain any number of local and international currencies and all processed instantly worldwide without the manual work typically required to do this.
Huge Savings to your business

We provide an innovative, time-saving solution for large enterprises with significant volumes of payments in foreign and domestic currencies. Automating the processing of large volumes of payments frees up expensive resources and allows accounting departments to focus on more important tasks.

Seamless software integration

Our Mass Payment Solution readily integrates with the world’s top ERP systems saving a vast amount of time and money for our 36,000 global customer base.
Key features of our Mass payment service:

  • Upload a batch of 10,000 payments in seconds.
  • Unlimited currencies available
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Reduce your payment admin by 80%
  • Faster processing times
  • 24 hour phone support
  • Track payment status online
  • Significantly reduced bank fees

To learn more about our Mass Payment Solution and just how easily all our services integrate with ERP and accounting systems, request a call-back or further information at funds@transfermate.com.

About TransferMate

TransferMate Global Payments offer the smartest solution for businesses worldwide to both send and receive international payments. Using our online platform and global banking infrastructure, we virtually eliminate the cost of sending international payments by collecting and sending payments using our own banking network. Our client’s benefit from better exchange rates, lower bank transfer fees and direct integration into their back end accounting systems. TransferMate is becoming the provider of choice due to its ongoing investment and focus in products and regulation. TransferMate’s mission is to connect businesses across the world when sending and receiving international payments and disconnect the slow and fee levying banks in the middle.

Speak to our Mass Payments Experts today or Read more about our international payment solutions here

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