Over 15,000 active business use TransferMate today to make their international payments. Irish banks charge €15 to €30 every time a business transfers money and take up to 3 days to complete a payments.

Why thousands of Irish business are signing up for our international money transfer service:

Faster Payments

Irish banks can make an international payment taking three days or more, while offering single day payments for a fee of €40. Irish Banks work with partner banks across the globe, which creates the delayed payments. TransferMate use a global network of bank accounts allowing us to process b2b payments across the globe faster than a bank, typically next day without a fee.

Better Exchange Rates

TransferMate process over $5 Billion in global payments on behalf of a worldwide client base. Due to our high level of transfers, we can access the very same currency markets as the banks, generally known as the interbank rate. This allows us to offer exchange rates which are extremely competitive. Once you register with us, you will see how much better our exchange rates are than your previous bank.

Lower Transfer Fees

When you use a bank to transfer money, this process incurs a partner bank which is where the cost comes from. When you use our service, we are the sole operator within the process which is why we have no transaction fee on transfers over £5,000.


As one of the world’s largest global payment specialists, TransferMate is regulated in more countries than virtually any bank. Our global compliance team manage regulation across 28 countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Jersey, Canada and the US. Our website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security, 256-bit encryption to protect your transaction details. 256-bit encryption is the latest and strongest data encryption techniques commercially available for securing information among you, our client and our website. View the full list on our Regulations page.

24 hour online system

We understand that business hours are no longer 9 AM – 5 PM. As a result we developed our online system to operate throughout the entire day.

24 hour customer service

Unlike your bank, we are there whenever you need us. Our payment team can be reached 24 hours a day Monday to Friday, should you have any questions regarding international payments – we can help!

Integrate with your Account software

Say goodbye to having to enter payments into your bank and then double entering them into your accounting software.
TransferMate have developed key partnerships with Sage and Sap Business One. Our team provide a free customized Add-On allows you to book payments from within your accounting platform, it will organise the double entry book keeping for you and allows you to benefit from better exchange rates.

Trusted by over 15,000 Irish businesses

We offer a service which is completely transparent between TransferMate and our clients. Check out what clients have to say about us.

Automated payee notifications

When you make a trade, the beneficiary will receive an email outlining that a currency transfer is on the way including the expected time that they should receive it by. Our clients love this simple feature as everyone knows what is happening and they can expect to receive the money.


TransferMate have a dedicated team which are always here to help. You can call us at +353 1 635 3700, email at ireland@transfermate.com or use the online chat feature.

Sign Up for Free

It is completely free to sign-up with TransferMate. Sign up today and see how much cheaper and faster our online system is to use compared to using the bank.

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