Where can I get the best exchange rates?

Your guide to foreign exchange

One of the biggest issues facing companies importing and exporting goods is where to get the best exchange rates.

Contacting your local bank is usually the first thought that comes to most people. However, many CEO’s and business owners don’t realise that your bank is not the best choice when it comes to transferring your money.

Let’s face it, your bank is not in the market of currency exchange, furthermore, it is in the market of making money out of businesses like yours that need to send money back and forth overseas to pay for goods.

Depending upon the country you live in, banks charge substantially for sending or receiving money internationally.  Banks and brokers charge an extra fee by hiding a mark-up in the exchange rate. That’s how they get away with using phrases like “0% commission” and “free”, and why so few businesses realise the actual costs. Very often businesses like yours think they are getting a good deal, when in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

best exchange rates with TransferMate

So who will offer you the best international money transfer rates?

Well, the answer is in the form of currency specialists such as TransferMate – we make it our business to get customers the best rates of exchange.

It is quick and free to compare us to your bank.

You can open an account online for free and with no obligation by clicking the ‘Get Started’.


Or if you would prefer to talk to one of our Exchange Rate specialists, call us on one of the numbers below:

Ireland: +353 1 635 3700 USA: +1 312 924 3737
UK: +44 207 659 9185 Canada: +1 647 724 2412
+33 179976740
Australia:  +61 2 9037 2735
 Spain:  +34 911875 525  New Zealand:  +64 9984 9400

We make it our business to beat your bank

TransferMate will beat your bank on exchange rates and bank transfer fees and provide you with a faster, easier system for making your payments. With our Instant Processing your recipient(s) will be sent payment as soon as we receive funds.

We focus on affordable prices so anyone can take advantage of our service.

What else can TransferMate offer me to get the most competitive exchange rates?

  • Lower transfer fees
  • Much better rates that any other provider
  • Faster money transfers (Same day in certain countries)
  • 100% Safe & Secure. Our system is 256-bit encrypted and underwritten by Liberty International.
  • Instant Processing. Your recipient(s) will be sent payment as soon as we receive funds
  • An online payment platform available 24/7 to book a rate and track payments online
  • Open an account for free, quickly and without commitments
  • Exceptional choice of exchange tools: Spot Transactions; Stop Loss Order; Market Order and Flexible Spot Transactions
  • An experienced, friendly team of specialists available to answer your questions over the phone or by live chat
  • Fully regulated in the USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, New Zealand and Jersey
  • Don’t just take our word for it:
  • Lurana Kerr, Chief Financial Officer at Catering Disposables chose TransferMate over her bank.

Our Spot Rates

Our rates are “inter-bank” rates relevant to very large transactions. You can find our spot rates by clicking this link.

TransferMate offers extremely competitive rates which are closer to the spot rates than any banks offer.

So don’t wait, try our services for free and find out why 35,000 customers worldwide choose TransferMate to get the best exchange rates.


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