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New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country with an area of 268,021 square kilometers and population of 4.4 million people. Its government is parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

The modern and developed economy of New Zealand ensures high standards of living for its citizens. It was even ranked 1st in life satisfaction and 5th in overall prosperity, according to a research in 2007.

The country relies heavily on export in agriculture, horticulture, fishing and forestry, and partners mainly with Australia, US, Japan, China and UK. Tourism is significant for New Zealand as well—it contributes 8.9% to the country’s GDP and provides about 200,000 full-time jobs.

The currency is the New Zealand dollar. It is often referred to it with the nickname Kiwi because it pictures a kiwi on the $1 coin. The NZD is the 12th most traded currency in the world. According to predictions, it is expected to weaken against the dollar throughout 2010 and strengthen again in 2011.

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