We Are Hiring a UX Designer!

TransferMate Hiring - UX designer

Job Description We are looking for a user-experience designer responsible for conceiving and conducting user research, interviews and surveys, and translating them into sitemaps, wireframes and prototypes for TransferMate, The Smarter Way to Send and Receive International Business Payments. You will design the functionality of the product and iterate upon it to ensure an elegant user experience. Responsibilities Translate concepts into wireframes, user stories, user journeys and mockups with intuitive UX. Facilitate product visions by researching, conceiving, wireframing, sketching, prototyping, and mocking up user experiences for core digital international FX…

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We Are Hiring a Program Manager!

TransferMate Hiring Program Manager

Job Description We are looking for an experienced Program Manager to organize and coordinate projects and programs across multiple functions. You will ensure the timely progress of activities and provide co-ordination, alignment and strategic guidance across the various functions’ programs. The ideal candidate will be an excellent leader and will have experience in managing staff of different disciplines to produce results in a timely manner. They will ensure the delivery of the business outcomes of the programs they are overseeing. Responsibilities Formulate, organize and monitor inter-connected projects Actively work with function leaders to formulate…

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