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TransferMate is a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses searching for an efficient way to send money around the globe.

TransferMate Global Payments is today one of the world’s largest and well established foreign exchange brokers.

With a fast growing client base and a dynamic team our mission is to become the first choice for companies and individuals worldwide when carrying out foreign exchange money transfers.

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May’s Reign Hoped To Spell Greater Certainty For The UK

Theresa May has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, only the second woman PM in the history of the UK.

As she begins post Brexit there will be no time for May to relax as there are pressing issues to be dealt with as soon as possible.

She will need to appoint a team to lead the process of exiting the EU.

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UK still in uncertainty as Bank of England eases bank rules

Mark Carney, the Bank Governor , said “The UK is in a time of uncertainty and significant economic adjustment.” The BoE was in the process of building bank balance sheets but have now had to reverse their policies. They will reduce the amount of capital that banks must hold by £5.7 billion. This will raise the banks’ capacity to lend to UK households and businesses by up to £150 billion.

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