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We aim to provide interesting blog posts to help you understand how to manage your foreign exchange exposure as best you can. We will use examples to outline poor practices or where companies lost millions due to mismanagement.

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Transferring Money Has Never Been Easier!

If you have friends or family abroad and want to send money to them, we are up to 90% cheaper than the banks, plus you can track all your payments online. (Oh, and it’s free to join!)

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Receivables Payments

Have you ever wondered could you make extra money on your receivables payments? Use our system to request payments, in doing so you will receive better preferential exchange rates, no fees and much faster payment times than any bank. Learn more today:

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Integrate with Accounting Packages

We have integrated our foreign exchange service into the top five accounting packages across the globe, which include Quickbooks, Xero, SAP, Sage and MYOB. We allow businesses to book several payments at once. As an added bonus our integration software can do the double entry process for you after you have booked a payments.

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“TransferMate’s online system is very easy to use and turnaround is extremely quick. It’s very handy that an email goes out to suppliers to let them know that their funds have arrived.” Natasha Acquah

Financial Controller, CREATE Advertising

“After comparing their rates with our local bank, TransferMate saved me over $1,000 on my last transaction. Their rates, their turnaround times and their personal attention is a big plus. I would highly recommend them.”

Tina Birch

Office Manager, Blaze Equipment

“Multi-currency can be very complicated. TransferMate make it so much easier. You avoid the banks, get the best rates & their add-ons talk directly to your accounting program. I advise all my clients to give them a try.”

Max Bardella

Director, DBW Group

Irish Exporters Are Affected By Stronger Euro

Currently the Euro has strengthened which is affecting Irish Exporter margins, find out what you can do. Today’s modern economy places the exporter/importer at the forefront of an economy. Within Ireland, 51% of all economic activity in 2014 was purely exporter related.

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The History of Money

Money is valuable merely because everyone knows everyone else will accept it as a form of payment. Over its vast history money has been central to developing our modern international trade networks – so let’s take a look at where it has been and how it has evolved.

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The Dollarydoo – Australia’s Next Currency

With the Australian Dollar falling to a seven-year-low last week, what long term policies should the Australian Government put in place to deal with its weakening currency? Well, one man, Thomas Probst, has the answer. Change the name of the currency!

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How Chinese New Year can Impact your Business

The Chinese New Year is less than a month away and the festivities are certain to have an impact on business. In the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2016 marks the year of the Monkey. The monkey is said to bring Good Luck, Protection and Swiftness. However, if the products of your business are made, shipped from or sold in China then one thing that will definitely not enjoy this ‘swiftness’ is your Supply Chain. The Chinese New Year is one of the few mandatory holidays that all citizens of the country observe.

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Test your knowledge of foreign exchange

The Foreign Exchange market is the most liquid market in the world, due to the sheer size of participants and the number of currencies that can be traded.
Take our Foreign Exchange Quiz today

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How to make your Xero accounting work better

Cloud accounting opens up a world of opportunity because for example Xero can currently integrate with over 200 additional services as an application. When you integrate these apps with your Xero accounting package they minimise the amount of time tasks used to take and simplify the job of an accountant.

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