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“TransferMate’s online system is very easy to use and turnaround is extremely quick. It’s very handy that an email goes out to suppliers to let them know that their funds have arrived.” Natasha Acquah

Financial Controller, CREATE Advertising

“After comparing their rates with our local bank, TransferMate saved me over $1,000 on my last transaction. Their rates, their turnaround times and their personal attention is a big plus. I would highly recommend them.”

Tina Birch

Office Manager, Blaze Equipment

“We found TransferMate brilliant in terms of saving us money. Their rates have been excellent and the ease of use of their online system was a big selling point for us along with their automatic receipts to suppliers.”

Shane Daly

Chief Financial Officer, O'Keeffe Group

“Multi-currency can be very complicated. TransferMate make it so much easier. You avoid the banks, get the best rates & their add-ons talk directly to your accounting program. I advise all my clients to give them a try.”

Max Bardella

Director, DBW Group

Complete Guide for the 2015 Rugby World Cup

This Guide is the complete Rugby World cup guide for all of you who are going to attend a match and possibly travel Britain during the competition. Entire list of Fixture for the Rugby World cup List of Time Zones and the hours ahead or behind: France, Spain, Germany,... read more

Your Guide to Foreign Exchange

Whether you are importing and exporting goods for your business, importing a car from another country, or simply want to transfer money abroad, it is important to understand how the foreign exchange market works. So to help you, we have put together this Guide to... read more

Where Can I Get the Best Exchange Rates

One of the biggest issues facing companies importing and exporting goods is where to get the best exchange rates.   Contacting your local bank is usually the first thought that comes to most people. However, many CEO’s and business owners don’t realise that your... read more

Bank of Japan Surprises the Markets

The Bank of Japan took markets by surprise by doubling the incentives whose aim is to spur bank lending in the country. The move had immediate effect by weakening the Japanese yen and boosting the Nikkei 225 index on the Tokyo stock exchange. The central bank hopes... read more

US Dollar falls after Weak Economic data

The US dollar fell downwards against its major rivals after a series of disappointing economic data that came from US. Additionally, jobless claims rose to 339 000, missing the median expectation for January of 330 000. Previously the US currency has jumped up against... read more

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